Client – Learn by doing, the renowned online platform for creativity and learning, approached me with an exciting opportunity: to craft an immersive online course on calligraphy.

With their esteemed reputation for quality content and their commitment to empowering creators, provided the perfect platform to showcase my expertise and share my passion for calligraphy with a global audience.

Together, we embarked on a journey to inspire and educate, culminating in the creation of the “Introduction to Calligraphy” course.

The results

“Introduzione alla calligrafia”

This project was more than just a course; it was a labor of love and a testament to the intricate art of calligraphy.

From the initial concept to the final upload, every step of this endeavor was infused with passion and dedication. As the creator, I immersed myself deeply in the world of calligraphy, aiming to impart not just techniques but a true appreciation for the art form.

Research and Preparation

Before diving into production, I embarked on an extensive research journey, delving into the history and various styles of calligraphy. Understanding the nuances of different scripts allowed me to curate a comprehensive learning experience for aspiring calligraphers.

Script Development

With insights gleaned from my research, I began developing the course content, meticulously crafting lessons that would guide students from novice to proficient. Each stroke, each curve was carefully explained to ensure clarity and comprehension.

Filming and Editing

Bringing the course to life required hours of filming and editing. From setting up the perfect shot to ensuring seamless transitions between demonstrations, every detail was scrutinized to deliver a polished end product.

Interaction and Engagement

Beyond the camera lens, I fostered a supportive online community, engaging with students to provide feedback, answer questions, and offer encouragement. Witnessing their progress and passion for calligraphy was truly rewarding and reinforced my own commitment to the craft.


As the course concluded, I took time to reflect on the journey – the challenges overcome, the lessons learned, and the bonds formed with students along the way. Through this experience, I grew not only as a calligrapher but as a teacher and a mentor.

In essence, “Introduction to Calligraphy” was more than just an online course; it was a testament to my passion for calligraphy and my commitment to sharing that passion with others. I hope this glimpse behind the scenes offers insight into the dedication and craftsmanship that went into bringing this project to life.